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Iron Dog Rescue R251000226 is a not for profit organisation that acts as a contact and liaison point between people who want to rehome their dogs and people who wish to adopt them.  We accept surrendered dogs when circumstances permit and help impounded dogs when we can. We specialise in rehoming Rottweilers and Mastiffs. We provide care, arrange veterinary treatment and accommodation for dogs until being adopted by suitably matched forever homes.  Iron Dog Rescue provides ongoing support and advice to those adopting for the life of their new dog.

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14 day conditional trial period offered for all dogs available for adoption.



Labrador Retriever X
DOB 20/10/2017
Adoption fee $500

Bruno is a Lab x GSD who was surrendered due to a scrap with another male dog and for getting overstimulated around young kids and their visiting friends.
We now have Bruno running with 12 other dogs without issue but only achieved with very slow introductions and active supervision.
Bruno can have good recall in house but gets distracted out and about. Bruno has grown up with a cat . He is very well housetrained without an accident since he was brought in. He can be a food thief if tasty things are left out to devour.

He will benefit from ongoing lead training and a good “no pull” harness as he does pull hard into a walk at first although he settles after several minutes.

Bruno gets very easily overstimulated and resorts to barking when excited ...going in the car ...hearing other barking dogs ...or not being included in play ...and he barks loudly . Understanding neighbours will be required .

Bruno’s quirks can be corrected with patient training and reducing the level of stimuli he’s exposed to . Bruno looses focus when he hits his threshold so knowing when to calm him in all situations to bring him back to focus will be important .

I recommend a quiet, calm household that can teach Bruno the joy of Zen (calm his mind and reduce his excitable stress) with short regular walks without any overexcitement . He will be a terrific companion with calm and directed training .



American Bulldog/Pointer
DOB 21/08/2019
Desexed, Microchipped, Vaccinated

Scout is a young lad that was originally a rescue puppy who was adopted out through another rescue. Sadly his new home didn't work out and he was eventually surrendered to us. Scout is an American Bulldog/Pointer cross.
Scout is a very untrusting and timid guy. He takes a long time to warm up to people and is especially wary of males. Scout is great with other dogs of all sizes and has a fondness and natural trust for children. Scout is untested with cats.
Scout would need very secure fencing and initial supervision as he will do what he can to escape new and unknown surroundings.
Scout suffers from general situational anxieties. He is triggered by yelling, loud voices and can be visibly scared if a person approaches with an object in their hand. He's not scared of natural environmental noises such as thunder but is of unnatural loud noises such as slamming doors etc. He is very nervous in the car.
Scout is not on any prescribed medication and we have been working, somewhat successfully, to overcome his anxieties in a natural way. Any home however will need to be able to continue to work with his anxieties, being particularly aware of his triggers, and just give him the comfort and security he needs.


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